Zelley securites is an independant safe deposit service run by a long established family jewellers. We are a jewellers first and foremost and use the existing strong room already in place at Zelley Jewellers at 35 St Giles Street, Norwich. To find out more about the jewellery aspect of our business please click the link below.



With major banks no longer offering safe deposit box facilities, there has been a drastic rise of independant safe deposit box centres, mostly in London and other major cities such as Manchester and Birmingham. We are East Anglia's first safe deposit box company. Making use of Zelley Jewellers' existing strong room, your valuables will be safe and secure from home theft and natural disaster such as fire and flooding. Safe deposit boxes should not be considered as an alternative to insuring your items, but as piece of mind, knowing that they are locked away out of the house and watched over 24 hours a day by CCTV surveillance. Where jewellery is concerned, making use of safe deposit boxes can reduce the costs of expensive insurance policies. Entire company and business records can be backed up on external hard drives and stored within a safety deposit box. Should the worst happen, archived data and customer records would be easily retrieved. Precious family photographs and important house hold documents can be left safe in the knowledge that they can not come to any harm. For more information please go to the contact page for any enquiries you might have or take a look at the Dimensions & Prices tab for the sizes of box available.

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