Zelley has been a name long established in the jewellery industry. It all started during the Victorian era by a gentleman named Fredrick John Zelley in Bishops Stortford.


Here in Norwich we are making use of our strong-room and have installed a limited number of safe deposit boxes. Three sizes are currently available. Dimensions and prices can be found by clicking the Dimensions & Prices tab above. 


The Zelley family has gained a wealth of knowledge over the years and are always using the knowledge learned to repair and restore prestigious items of jewellery with skilled goldsmiths using traditional methods. We have been entrusted with customers jewellery for many years. Here at Norwich we are Silversmiths to the Royal Norfolk Agricultural Association and have been commissioned to maintain and securely store the winners trophies for the Royal Norfolk Show for over 20 years. Our strong room is key to the security of these trophies. It is within this strong room that the safety deposit boxes are housed. 



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