Here is a selection of our frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions please feel free to email us on 

Alternatively you can telephone us on 01603 621196

What are the requirements for opening a safe deposit box?


Taking a safe deposit box with us is simple. You must be 18 years or older and you will need to bring with you a current passport or photographic drivers liscence and a recent utilities bill in your name and showing your current address. Security is of the upmost importance, as you can understand, so please allow at least 20 minutes when registering with us so we can take full details and records of your identity. Your personal information is for our use only and will not be passed on or sold to any third parties. 

What can I store in my safe deposit box? 


You can store practically anything you like in your safe deposit box so long as it is legal under current British law. Items such as illegal substances, fire arms, indecent or illegal images and data or any proceeds of crime are all strictly forbidden. 

Why should I trust you with my valuables? 


Good question. There are many safe deposit box centres popping up around major cities in the UK for various reasons. These are generally brand new companies offering the service. We are different however in the sense that we are a long established family jewellers. We have been entrusted with our customers valuables for over 100 years. 

How do I gain access to my deposit box?


You can access your safe deposit box any time during opening hours by making an appointment. You must bring along your photographic ID which you used during registration as proof of identity and more importantly your individual client key. There are strictly no clients allowed in our strong room where the safe deposit boxes are housed therefore you must surrender your key to us allowing us to access your box and remove it from its housing. All inner boxes are locked by a padlock which we can provide free of charge or you may wish to bring your own.


Once you are finished with your box you must lock it securely and allow us to lock it into the housing unit within our strong room and return your client key.

Is parking available?


We are lucky enough to be situated very close to a multi storey car park. St Giles Street multi storey has over 300 spaces and is approximately a 30 seconds walk from our premises. There is also parking along the majoirty of St Giles Street with parking meters located at various points. The closest of which is hidden behind the Waffle House in the alley leading to Fishers Lane. 

Who can access my box?


You are the only person who can access your safe deposit box unless you name a 'Other Named Access'. This is the term given to somebody who you agree may access your safety deposit box in your abscence. They are bound by the same strict identification processes that you are and must be present at the time of registration or accompany you to an appointment to complete this aspect of the registration process. 


What happens if I lose my key?


You are issued with a client key at the time that you take out a rental agreement with us. There is only one copy of this key therefore if you lose it we are required to employ the services of a locksmith to break into the housing unit which holds your box. This results in the forefeit of your £150 key deposit for a replacement lock. If you cannot gain access to the inner lock which secures the opening of the box itself then, and we are required to cut the lock, there is a £10 charge to do so. 

I'm going on holiday for two weeks, can I rent a safe deposit box?


Absolutely! Taking out a short term, single access 30 day safety deposit box is a great idea if you are going on holiday. 

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